Slaughterhouse Five – Kurt Vonnegut

I haven’t posted lately because I had to review for my comprehensive exams. Hopefully one step closer to finishing my MFA! 🤞

I’m currently reading Vonnegut. He’s the kind of writer I aspire to be: effortless wit, the kind of humor you reserve for your closest friends but hope that some like minded stranger would understand.

My Reading and Writing Space

Before the Community Quarantine, my room was a consistent mess. I often worked in coffee shops or in the university library so I didn’t find the need to fix my setup. Cabin fever got the best of me and now I’m obsessed with cleaning and rearranging my room.

My room’s small and I have a lot of plushies: Pokèmons, Doraemon, BT21 (RJ! Seokjin is 💜🌼) and shibas. So I got rid of them. Okay, not really. I stacked them inside the cabinet and created a space that would help me read and write in peace.

I did not do a full-blown Marie Kondo-esque spree because the last time I did that, I relapsed into a Miniso shopping panic and ended up with way more than the original clutter. So the plushies stayed and here’s my space:

I also moved some of the books from the living room to my dedicated workspace.

I realized I have more guy friends from girls…

I made use of all that Instax pictures I kept for years. I miss my friends and traveling. 🥺 All the traveling I can do now is through words.

I cleared another shelf. This used to be stacked with clutter like skin care and makeup. Stowed all the makeup for now. It’s not like I can go out or anything. But skincare stays, of course.

And here’s a picture of my dog looking like he remembered a joke from five years ago. Or is he amused that I’m cleaning my room?

Hope you’re all well! I think I’ll do some cleaning again.

💜 Dyne